Bei Mpya za Mafuta EWURA | New Fuel Prices.

by Stunner

Bei Mpya za Mafuta EWURA | New Fuel Prices | Ewura Fuel Prices | Kerosene| Petroleum | Diesel

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) is an autonomous multi-sectoral regulatory authority established by the EWURA Act Cap 414 of the laws of Tanzania. It is responsible for technical and economic regulation of the electricity, petroleum, natural gas and water sectors in Tanzania pursuant to Cap 414 and sector legislation.

The functions of EWURA include among others, licensing, tariff review, monitoring performance and standards with regards to quality, safety, health and environment.

EWURA is also responsible for promoting effective competition and economic efficiency, protecting the interests of consumers and promoting the availability of regulated services to all consumers including low income, rural and disadvantaged consumers in the regulated sectors.

Bei Mpya za Mafuta EWURA.

Bei Mpya za Mafuta EWURA

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