Call For Work at Uhamiaji 2022 | Waliotwa Mafunzoni Uhamiaji

by Stunner

Waliotwa Mafunzoni Uhamiaji. Call For Work at Uhamiaji 2022 The Immigration Services Department is established under Section 4(1) of the Immigration Act of 1995 Chapter 54 as amended by Act No.8 of 2015.  It gives the Department the authority to control and facilitate immigration issues in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Department is one of the security organs under Ministry of Home Affairs.kuitwa kazini uhamiaji 2022


To become an efficient and effective Institution, which provides high quality Immigration services that meet both national and international standards.


To facilitate and control movements of persons through implementation of relevant Laws and Regulations in order to safeguard national security and economic interests.


Migration security and development

Call For Work at Uhamiaji 2022 | Waliotwa Mafunzoni Uhamiaji

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