Job Vacancy at Vodacom PLC

Job Vacancy at Vodacom PLC | NAFASI ZA KAZI | AJIRA MPYA 2022


The Digital Architect Lead is responsible for defining, maintaining and evolving the emerging architecture that enables the Tribe vision and business objectives, maximizing the value of technology disruptions into current and future capabilities. Identifying, analysing, and directing the execution of change towards the architecture vision and business vision, by providing and prioritizing �technical epics� and informing the portfolio backlog. The Digital Architect then transfers the architecture objective over to the Solution Architect. Typically reports to the Chapter Lead.


Job Vacancy at Vodacom PLC | NAFASI ZA KAZI | AJIRA MPYA 2022

JOB POSITION: DevOps Engineer

Job Responsibility

  • Manages the architecture vision and roadmap in alignment with the Digital Architecture blueprint;
  • Oversees and leads the design, development, and deployment of digital architecture practices, standards, patterns and innovations;
  • Scouts new technologies and vendors to enable innovation and identify technical enablers;
  • Manages innovation and establishes the capability to monitor new technology developments and trends in the industry;
  • Provides thought leadership on foundational digital architecture best practices and disruptive technology trajectory and implications.

DevOps Engineer Job Vacancy.


  • MicroServices and APIs
  • AgileDev Ops
  • Security
  • Architecture and Design
  • Cloud


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