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Job Vacancies at Tabora Municipal Council | Ukusanyaji Anwani | Nafasi za kazi | Fursa za kazi | Ajira

Tabora Municipality can historically be traced back before 1830 when it was still known as UNYAMWEZI i.e. a place of the people of the moon.   It was named after the arrival of the first traders from far western hinterland to the coast m seen from meaning that the moon is first seen from west.   Later on , when  the Arabs expanded the routes of their slave trade caravans and having  influence in Unyanyambe, they constructed two importance bases in about 1840 at  Kazeh Hill (Tabora) and Ujiji (Kigoma).  This necessitated to nickname Kazeh base because of its historical and archaeological value as TABORA.   i.e. a place of sweet potatoes food which in Nyamwezi languge is “MATOBOLWA”. From here , the chiefdom centre (Unyanyembe by the  the indigenous  people) become “ which  has continued up  to the present town and the Region as a whole.

The growth of Tabora urban centre like other urban centres in the country was caused by several factors.  Among them, were the designations of headquarters of Tabora province (west region) during the colonial administration, the declaration of Tabora town as a Regional Headquaters in 1966 at the time of Tanzania Administration and the decentralization policy of 1972 followed by villagization programme in 1975.  All in totality increase the importance and volume of the function of the Central Business District (CBD).

Job Vacancies at Tabora Municipal Council

Job Vacancies at Tabora Municipal Council

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