Job Vacancies at Kigoma Ujiji Municipal council

by Stunner

Job Vacancies at Kigoma Ujiji Municipal council, Nafasi za kazi, Furza za ajira, Kazi, Ajira

Kigoma/Ujiji Town started from the Arabic era as one of the major slave trade started from Congo DRC through Kigoma to Bagamoyo. Kigoma Town Council was a center of  collecting slaves , although slave trade was later abolished in 1884, the existence of Arabs and slave trades brought about establishment of strong Islamic faith among the inhabitants.

Kigoma Town people are hardworking and since then had been used as a source of labour force to work in plantations in coast belt regions.  It is through such effects that the Economic status of the Town becomes static because of potential work force not contributing in production in Kigoma town.

Job Vacancies at Kigoma Ujiji Municipal council

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