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by Stunner

Job Vacancies at Dodoma City Council | Anwani za Makazi | Fursa za kazi | Nafasi za kazi | Ajira

Many years ago this town called Dodoma was known as Calangu (Chalangu). These migrants were different in their behavior, the mangala and the Bambali lived in the bush and were hunters eating meat and honey. And the herdsmen and the herdsmen were farmers and herdsmen. These people were naturally cowards so when some people started coming in from the northern hemisphere, western moons and southern hehe these people left and went to live elsewhere.

The reason for these migrants being called gogo, is due to the moon traders as they were passing with their goods to the Coast for trade, when they reached between Itigi and Manyoni they found a large tree had fallen and blocked the road, so for a long time they had to sleep on one side before crossing the other. of a tree (log). This made them whenever they were asked where they slept before continuing the journey they said they slept on the log. Thus these migrants became known as logs (logs) from that log.

Job Vacancies at Dodoma City Council

Job Vacancies at Dodoma City Council

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