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  Branch Manager

LOCATION: Zanzibar


•  Branch management in terms of operations, staff development and maximizing business opportunities to meet business goals as set by the bank while complying
with Bank’s policies and procedures.

•  Grow customer base, deposits, financing book and profitability as per set targets.
•  Ensure Liquidity position of the branch is maintained through advance planning at minimal cost.
•  Monitor and control branch costs.
•  Ensure branch compliance to the existing banking regulations.
•  Adherence to KYC and AML norms at all times.
•  Ensure branch compliance to policies and procedures of the bank.
•  Ensure low risk and audit rating for the branch.
•  Coach team members to proactively maximize opportunities and provide customers with exceptional services.
•  Motivate staff to achieve branch goals.
•  Chairperson to the Branch Management Financing Committee.

•  Knowledge on branch banking operations.
•  Comprehensive knowledge on sharia bank products and services.
•  Ability to multitask, prioritize and manage time efficiently.
•  Ability to mentor and lead a team.
•  Ability to maximize utilization of resources.
•  Ability to analyse problems and strategize for better solutions.
•  Excellent written and communication skills.
•  Excellent Relationship Management skills.
•  Customer service oriented.


•   Bachelor’s degree in Banking, Finance, Business Administration, or any other related field.
•   Minimum of 7years of working experience in banking with intense background in Branch Management.

Deadline for submission of application is Friday, 24th December 2021.

All applications (Application letter, Resume, and copy of certificates) should be sent through

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


POSITION:  Sharia and Products Officer

LOCATION: Head Office-Dar es Salaam

•  To develop and enhance banking products and process; and ensuring Sharia compliance in all financing and operational activities of the bank.


•  To assist the head of Sharia and products in development of new products and enhancement of the existing products.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to prepare training materials and managing
Sharia & Products training programs.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products in making follow up to ensure remedial actions  are taken timely to address Sharia Audit findings.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to conduct product performance assessment and prepare products performance report quarterly.
•  To administer Charity and Zakat Fund activities properly as per the manuals, including visitation of the beneficiaries and verification of the applications.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products in Fatwa management.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to review policies and manuals annually.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to prepare and review financing contract packages, forms, and any other required documents.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to prepare required technical documents
(e.g., Taxation amendment proposals to accommodate Islamic banking) and make follow to ensure Islamic banking legal and regulatory framework is available in Tanzania.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to prepare products papers, SSB and Board papers timely.
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to research and develop sharia compliant capital markets products (Sukuk and government security instruments).
•  To ensure the profit is fairly distributed to depositors as per the profit distribution model (PDM).
•  To assist the Head of Sharia & Products to prepare products easy guide.
•  To perform research on Sharia aspects for each product, fatwa, or sharia related issues before it’s presentation to the Sharia Supervisory Board for decision making.
•  To offer guidance to the staff and clients on Islamic banking/financing instruments and related guidelines.
•  To conduct assessment on Sharia compliance in all activities and operations of the bank, with the objective of ensuring the activities and operations are carried out in line with Sharia rulings and suggest enhancements in the process flow, best practices, and product features.
•  Being pro-active to identify products issues and resolve them timely in proactive manner.
•  To analyse available Islamic products and services in the market and to see how the bank can leverage on the same.
•  To train bank staff and ensure that the business and financing management team has sufficient skills to enable the products to be efficiently implemented including documentation requirements, pricing dynamics and processing requirements.
•  To help the bank to keep up to date with the new Sharia requirements/decisions issued by the SSB and international body e.g., AAOIFI/OIC Fiqh Academy/IFSB.
•  To represent the Bank at internal and external forums and events including meeting with Bank customers as required.
•  To support the market department by reviewing communication contents, promotion materials, and social media platforms to ensure are in line with Sharia
•  To support the financing management department and branches to ensure financing facilities are issued as per product financing manuals and are in line with Sharia principles.
•  To make follow up to ensure inventories are sold timely before being used or sold by customers.
•  To support the marketing department to present products and propagate Islamic banking knowledge through various media.

•  Excellent research, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
•  Commercial thinking and Sharia minded.
•  Creative approach, ability to anticipate challenges and provide innovative sharia compliant solutions.
•  Ability to train and couch Islamic banking & finance topics.
• PA.Ob. Biloitxy97t7o1,write papers and prepare reports.


•   Degree in Islamic Banking and Finance or Degree in Banking/Finance/commerce with additional certification or Diploma in Islamic Banking and finance.
•   Professional Qualification in Islamic banking, Shariah (Jurisprudence)/ Islamic Studies is an added advantage.

Deadline for submission of application is Tuesday, 21st December 2021

All applications (Application letter, Resume, and copy of certificates) should be sent through

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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