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Job Opportunities Karagwe District Council


Job Opportunities Karagwe District Council | Nafasi za kazi | Fursa za Kazi | Ajira Mpya

Karagwe District Council is one of the eight districts of the Kagera Region of Tanzania.

It is bordered to the north by Uganda, to the east by the Bukoba Rural District, to the southeast by the Muleba District, to the south by the Ngara District and to the west by Republic of Rwanda, from which it is divided by the River Kagera

According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of Karagwe District was 425,476.

To get to the Karagwe region the easiest way is taking a bus. To get around use dalla-dallas (small buses) or piki-pikis (motorbikes).

Small lakes such as the Ikimba, Burigi, Rushwa, and Rwakajunju provide fishing opportunities for residents of the Karagwe District.

Job Opportunities Karagwe District Council

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