Job Opportunities at TCCO


Job Opportunities at TCCO. Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization (TCCO) is a network of medical and paramedical professionals in Tanzania with the objective “to ensure every child with Clubfoot in Tanzania receives timely and quality treatment using Ponseti Method as a gold standard treatment”.

The Ponseti Method was introduced in Tanzania in 2008 with training by leaders in the global health movement of clubfoot treatment. Despite the training, providers found that it was difficult to obtain national coverage for clubfoot treatment. Challenges included the lack of materials in public hospitals, the inability of families to purchase materials, and the cost of travel to weekly clinics.

To address these challenges, miraclefeet partners with Bugando Clubfoot Care Program (BCCP) in Mwanza, Usa River Rehabilitation Center (URRC) in Arusha, and ACT Lweru CBR Programme in Kagera. Miraclefeet’s support for clubfoot treatment in Tanzania was initiated with Dr. Isidor Ngayomela, the Medical Director of BCCP.

From this ground, Tanzania Clubfoot Care Organization (TCCO) was formed. At least 70% of children born with clubfoot will begin treatment by 2030.

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Job Opportunities at TCCO.

The organization is seeking to hire qualified and eligible individuals to fill a new vacant position. Read full details from the PDF Document below:-


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