Job Opportunities at Muleba District 2022

Job Opportunities at Muleba District 2022


Job Opportunities at Muleba District 2022 Muleba is among the least developed districts in the country. Her economy is based on traditional production models due to accelerated low incomes resulting from low crop prices both in and out of the country.

The welfare of the majority of the people is estimated to be a bit higher than the poverty line. Currently a survey to collect important economic data region wise is underway these will enable to establish the district per capital income soon..

This has been an attribute of low agricultural productivity, excessive waste of the post harvest, plant/crop diseases and unsteady and /or low prices respectively. Apart from all these, all industrial goods’ prices have been increasing beyond the purchasing power of our people. From the social point of view provision of social amenities is inadequately carried in terms of education, health, water supply electricity, and transportation services.

Job Opportunities at Muleba District 2022.

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