Job Opportunities at Mbeya District Council | Anwani za Makazi

Job Opportunities at Mbeya District Council | Anwani za Makazi


The District Council was established in 1984 as a District Council after the commencement of the Local Government (District Authorities) Act no. 7 (1982). Under the direction of director John T. Matata 1984-1990, The list of past directors in Mbeya district council includes John T. Matata, Daudi J. Mwabulambo 1990- 1996, Joseph J. Kahale 1996- 1996, Solanus M. Nyimbi 1996 – 2005, Raphael. k. Kimoleta, 2005-2006, Juliana T. Malance 2006-2012, Love A. Sanga 2012- 2016, Amelchiory M. Kulwizila 2016 – 2018 with Stephe E. Katemba 2018 to date.

Mbeya District Council is one of seven (7) Mbeya Regional Councils; others are Mbarali, Chunya, Kyela, Rungwe, Busokelo and Mbeya City. This Council is located between Latitude 7 ° and 9 ° South of the Equator and Longitude 33 ° and 35 ° East of Greenwich. The district borders Mbarali and Makete Districts to the east, Rungwe and Ileje to the south, West to Mbozi, Momba and North Chunya District.

Job Opportunities at Mbeya District Council

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