Job Opportunities at Kisarawe District Council

by Stunner

Job Opportunities at Kisarawe District Council, Nafasi za kazi, Fursa za Ajira, Ajira

Kisarawe District Council is one among seven councils in Pwani Region. It was established in 1st July 1907. It is situated about 25 kms on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam City towards the North East. It’s headquarter is about 15 minutes drive from Julius Nyerere International Airport. The name Kisarawe comes from a Zaramo word ‘Tuharawe’ meaning let us leave which was pronounced badly ‘Kiharawe’ and later ‘Kisarawe’. There were lots of lions in Kisarawe at that time and when people went to visit Chief Pazi who was the Chief of the Zaramo tribe, or when they had gone to Minaki caves for ritual or to fish at Zegea pond, fearing that they will be caught by lions, the used to say ‘tuharawe.’

The Council is situated between latitude 650 and 835 south of the Equator and between longitude 380 15 and 3930’   east of the Greenwich.  It borders Mkuranga district council in the east, Morogoro district in the west, Ilala Municipal council of Dar es Salaam region to the northeast, Kibaha district/town council to the north and Rufiji district council to the south.  The district council covers an area of 4,46sq Km.

Job Opportunities at Kisarawe District Council

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