Job Opportunities at Bandarini SACCOS LTD


Job Opportunities at Bandarini SACCOS LTD. The Bandarini SACCOS LTD  was officially established and registered in the Government Register on 1/8/1968 in Dar es Salaam Region. The Co-operative was registered under the Cooperative Societies Act of 1968.

Its headquarters are located in Temeke district in the Administrative Building Authority of the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA). His Certificate of Registration in the Government Register is DRS . 1861. Pursuant to the frequent changes to the Cooperatives Act, the Association is currently operating under the Cooperatives Act no. 6 of 2013 and the SACCOS Regulations of 2015,

The Financial Institutions Act of 2018 and the SACCOS Regulations of 2019 as well as the Terms of the 2020 edition. The association started with 56 members from the governing body. of Ports in Tanzania and as of December 2021 the Association had 1,286 active members.

The main purpose of the Port SACCOS is limited in accordance with law no. 6 of Cooperatives in 2013 is to uplift, strengthen and develop the economic and social conditions of its members in accordance with the Laws, Rules and Procedures of Cooperatives. To achieve its main objective in the Port SACCOS will implement its specific objectives.

Job Opportunities at Bandarini SACCOS LTD.

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