50+ Job Opportunities at Mawenzi Hospital

by Stunner

Mawenzi Hospital is a district hospital in Moshi , Kilimanjaro region , Tanzania . It was established in 1920 as a military clinic . In 1956 Mawenzi clinic was upgraded to a hospital . In the 1970s the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (CMC) which received a lot of aid and Mawenzi hospital lagged behind for lack of financial and other assistance. But despite all these challenges Mawenzi hospital still remained an important hospital with the official status of a district hospital.  Mawenzi Hospital has a total of 447 staff members, of which 152 are nurses , more than 20 doctors , and other staff. The hospital has the capacity to treat 300 patients a day, and 200 beds.

50+ Job Opportunities at Mawenzi Hospital

Mawenzi Regional Referral Hospital (Kilimanjaro) is inviting applications to fill 40 positions as described below:-


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