my.UChicago Login Portal.

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my.UChicago Login Portal


my.UChicago, the self-service home for University students and staff in the Academic Information System. MyAccount allows you to manage all your UChicago account services from one location. When you log into the MyAccount portal, you will be prompted to manage the services that require your attention, such as changing your password if you are due for a password change, or adding a Recovery Address/Recovery Phone if you have not yet recorded one.

If you know which service you wish to access, you may choose it directly from the Go To dropdown menu on top right of this page.

Using MyAccount, you may opt to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) instead of (or in addition to) changing your password more frequently; manage where you receive your email by setting or modifying an email forwarding address; update your question and answer pair and external address in order to allow you to regain access to your account even if you have forgotten your password;

or set up an email alias to reflect a preferred name. MyAccount allows you to manage all aspects of your CNet account, from making your account more secure to setting up your personal account preferences, from one easy-to-use site.

my.UChicago Login Portal

The guide can help to Login myUChicago ;-

  • Go to you internet support device like laptop, Smartphone, computer etc
  • Make sure you have an internet access
  • Visit official website link
  • After page open fill required details
    • CNetID or UCHADID
    • Password
  • Finally click on login button for successful login in the system.

For Students

Visit the new myUChicago  for:

  • Class Registration
  • Academic Records
  • Account Information
  • Financial Aid
  • Personal Information

Login link ==>>

For Staff.

  • Class Enrollments
  • Academic Records
  • Bursar Account Information
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Bio-Demo and Contact Information

Login link ==>>

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