Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022

by Stunner

Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022


The conundrum of what to watch on Netflix will no doubt continue until the end of time. So much content, so little time – and most of it is pretty damn good, too. With the streaming service rolling out plenty of new, original content on a near-daily basis, deciding what to watch these days is a vital decision. 

Every month, AJIRACHAP will be rounding up what’s trending, what’s got critics talking and crucially, what films are worth your time. These films are specifically aimed at those in the UK with a Netflix account, however, the majority of them can be found in other regions – mainly any Netflix Originals.

If you’re looking for a specific genre, future space explorers should check out our best sci-fi movies. If you really want to take yourself into another world, try our best fantasy movies or if you’re more about fight scenes and explosions, our best action movies should be right up your street. Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022

Anyway, let’s Move into the best movies to watch on Netflix for 2022


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Remember the Dark Universe? A series of classic monster movies interconnected like the MCU from Universal Pictures. Yeah, neither do we. As a result of that cinematic universe imploding before it really even got out the gates, The Invisible Man was released as a standalone flick – and the world is much better for it.

Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022

Starring Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale, Us), the film follows Cecilia, who receives news that an abusive ex-boyfriend has committed suicide, only to leave her behind his fortune. Not having any of it, Cecilia believes the death was a hoax and she is now being hunted by the man. A tense affair throughout, Moss gives an outstanding performance, proving yet again why she is one of the top talents in Hollywood today. 


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How one little swipe can change your life. The Tinder Swindler tells the story of Israeli fraudster Shimon Hayut, who posed as Simon Leviev across dating app Tinder in an attempt to swindle women out of millions of dollars.  Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022

From the same director behind with Cats, this is the latest in a long line of true-story documentaries from the streaming platform to spark conversation. At the time of writing, The Tinder Swindler is the top trending film across Netflix with the company already in early talks to turn the shocking documentary into its own dramatisation.  


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Like many people, The Hunt passed me by upon its initial release as a result of the pandemic closing down theatres a week after its debut. A crying shame as this horror thriller flick – that has a decent amount of action, I might add – is lots of fun. Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for February 2022

The setup sees a dozen strangers wake up in the middle of nowhere with no memory of how they got there. It quickly becomes clear that a group of conspiracy theorists are hunting people for sport in what is a straight satire commentary on the right-wing vs left-wing agenda in the US. This does give the film more weight than most horror flicks out there. It’s nothing revolutionary by any stretch but it is extremely entertaining, including Betty Gilpin {GLOW, Nurse Jackie} as the badass Crystal May Creasey.  Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022

Top 3 new movies to watch on Netflix for 2022

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