Matric IEB Results 2021/2022 Check Here

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Matric IEB Results 2021/2022 Check Here. The Independent Examination Board, IEB, said the students who did Grade 12 last year passed with flying colors. The Matric IEB Results 2021/2022

Matric IEB Results 2021/2022

The 2021 NSC pass rate is 98.39%, slightly higher than last year’s pass rate of 98.06%. All candidates who passed achieved a pass that is good enough to enter tertiary study at one of the three levels: Matric IEB Results 2021/2022

  • 89.2% of the cohort achieved entry to degree study, compared to 88.41% in 2020.
  • 7.82% qualified for entry to diploma study, compared to 8.14% in 2020.
  • 1.37% achieved entry for study at the Higher Certificate level, compared to 1.5% in 2020.

12 857 full-time and 968 part-time candidates from 238 examination centres writing in 267 venues across Southern Africa wrote the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations in October and November 2021. This is an increase from 2020 when there were 12 024 full-time candidates and 1139 part-time candidates, and from 2019 when there were 11 818 full-time candidates and 779 part-time candidates Matric IEB Results 2021/2022

The IEB had 12 857 full-time and 968 part-time candidates in Grade 12 in 2021, registered at 238 IEB examination centres across the country, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini as follows:

Province/CountryNumber of schoolsNumber of learners (incl. part-time)
Eastern Cape1414612596
Free State55155158
KwaZulu Natal383722012258
North West Province88374326
Northern Cape226078
Western Cape222213581302
  • The total number of examination venues was 267 which includes centres that deal only with part-time candidates and centres that host more than one examination venue, namely distance education providers.
  • The Gauteng numbers include learners registered with three distance-learning institutions which have their head offices in Gauteng. These institutions have both full-time and part-time learners who live in areas across the country. They are registered with the distance-learning institution which manages their lesson delivery as well as the assessment requirements, and in Grade 12 these adhere strictly to the NSC requirements and their site-based assessment as well as oral and practical work are moderated and verified by the IEB. 

Check your IEB Matric Results 2021: 

The link for IEB Matric Results 2021 : CLICK HERE

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