Best Curriculum Vitae Example for 2022

by Stunner

Best Curriculum Vitae Example for 2022


Best Curriculum Vitae Example. The following is a curriculum vitae example for a job seeker with international work experience.  This CV includes employment history, education, competencies, awards, skills, and personal interests.

Stunner Ajirachap

Sept. 2014–September 2017, Mbeya University of Science and Technology, (BTechSLT)

  • Candidate for Bachelor in Science and Laboratory Technology (SLT)
  • Major academic course highlights: Quality Assurance, Sample Management, Lab Designing, Information Management System, Chemical Handling

December 2017, Certified Lab Technician License

Dec. 2021- Present. Mkemia House, Posta, Dar Es Salaam

Lab Technician

  • Achieve sales budget goals through application support and new industry market application research.
  • Pay visits to end users and DI for seminars and technical presentations with salespersons or distributors while collecting marketing information and competitor information analysis.

July 2020–Sept. 2021, TBS., Mwanza

Lab Manager

  • Analyzed yield ratio trends, documented and solved current problems.
  • Participated in and helped oversee the training of marketing, business process modeling, and analysis at Intel University.
  • Developed and led a project review with multi-media animation, which was highly appreciated by department manager.

June 2018–July 2020, GF Fund Management Co., LTD.

Lab Scientist

  • Analyzed investment principles and related financially derived products.
  • Formulated the scheme of market popularization and network marketing.


  • 2016–2017, Scholarship for Excellent Students of Mbeya University of Science and Lab technology
  • 2015–2016, Imagine Ambassador of Shanghai Environment Cleaning

English Ability: Good competency
German Ability: 600 hours of Germany lessons at Mbeya University of Science and Lab technology

Computer Skills:

  • National Computer Lever 3rd Certificate (Network Communication)
  • Professional Certificate of Assistant Information Officer (AIO).
  • Fluent in: C++, VBA, Provision, JMP, AutoCAD, 3Dsmax, Photoshop, Solidworks, Aftereffect

Personal Interests:
Basketball; Speed Skating; Snooker.

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